Mustangs celebrate first three-peat

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Aug. 6—The Mustangs have been a first-class organization when it comes to experience and play on the field, but this year they reached a new feat — a third-straight championship in the MINK League.

The Mustangs beat the Joplin Outlaws for the championship last Saturday with a score of 11-1, bringing the three-peat coveted by the organization.

Mustangs General Manager and Owner Ky Turner said a lot of things went right in the first year he was under control of the franchise. He said the attitude was determined last year as the team was an underdog last year and rallied to win the championship. Now, the team came in with a winning attitude.

"I don't know how these guys do it ... I think they have four days off in the matter, they play 50 games in like 60 days. It's just unreal," Turner said.

Turner said he has enjoyed seeing the program grow and that the fans are what makes the whole operation work.

"We can't control whether we win or lose a game, but we can control if you have a good time, and so what we're trying to do is control the experience in the stands and how we interact with the community and in our engagement just making sure we are growing each and every year," Turner said.

Turner said he was happy about the attendance and said the team loves playing in St. Joseph every year.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking because you don't want to be let down if we don't win a game or a championship," Turner said.

Turner said they faced some challenges with promotions and supply chain, but in the end, hearing the fans' story makes it all worth it.

"It really brings me back down to earth, especially over the July Fourth weekend when you hear some of the stories about the people who served in the military and the military families and sacrifices that they've experienced," Turner said.

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