MustWatch: The Unicorn of Social Apps

Have you ever reached the end of a television series and wished it were easier to find the next show to watch? There’s a brand new iOS app that can help with just that! It’s called MustWatch, and it’s perfect for those looking to combine their television experience with their social lives.

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The New Wave Of Social Apps

Most social media apps are more generalized and not geared toward how to watch, what to watch, and what those around you are watching on TV. This is where the MustWatch App comes into play. The whole basis of the app is to connect people through their mutual love of television. Hence, it allows you to do things that no other social app does.

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What is MustWatch Capable Of?

The team behind this app is focused on revolutionizing the way people find new shows to watch. This will allow people to spend more time watching and less time searching for television shows. Let’s take a look at the top ways the MustWatch App brings value to users:

A Place to Track What You Watch

In its simplest form, MustWatch allows users to track what shows they watch via the app. Let’s face it, sometimes a show’s scheduled break can derail viewers. There are so many shows to watch that it’s easy to get wrapped up in something else and forget about another series that’s coming back. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. But, with MustWatch, this will never happen because the app makes it simple to maintain a list of every show you like.

Popular Shows in Your Social Network

Sure, you can simply ask your friends what they watch, but some people have lists that are far too long to share. Since the MustWatch app allows users to see every show that their friends have watched and are currently watching, this is no longer a problem. So, not only can users view their friends’ lists, but they can also send each other recommendations based on their previous likes.

Did we mention movies?

Perhaps the best part about MustWatch is that it’s not limited to television shows. The team behind the app has recently added movies onto the platform. This allows fans to also recommend and discover films they’ve never seen or may not know exist. And not to worry if your friends haven’t seen one because there are lots of other MustWatch app users with whom you can discuss plot lines and other details from the movie.

Discuss Your Favorite Plot Lines

There are so many different shows and likes among users that it’s common for people to like shows that no one else in their social circle watches. In times like this, it’s hard to discuss plots and theories when you have no one who understands the show. The app can solve this problem as well! Even in the event that none of your connected friends watch a particular show, you can still connect with other fans who do through the platform. This ensures that you find someone with whom to chat without worrying about stumbling upon spoilers.

Learn Updates About Programming Changes

As we mentioned, it can be hard keeping up with many shows at once. With shows being renewed and canceled so frequently, it’s easy to miss updates in the news. MustWatch can notify users when new seasons or episodes are released or when a show has been canceled, depending on preferences.

Analytics Tracking for Future Plans

As you can see, MustWatch provides a great deal of value to those looking for a social network that revolves around television entertainment. However, the team doesn’t plan to stop solving problems there. The more users they get, the more data they can collect to pass along to television networks and streaming service providers. This can help provide more relevant statistics concerning what people are watching, how often, and what people think about specific shows.

The bottom line is that MustWatch provides a platform that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s not only easy to use, but it will make finding new shows more effortless than ever. This is one app that you don’t want to miss!