Myanmar coup leader's first foreign visit

The leader of Myanmar's military coup received a red carpet welcome in Indonesia, provoking outrage.

Video Transcript

- He's the general behind a coup that led to hundreds of deaths, but in Indonesia, Min Aung Hlaing received a VIP welcome. His journey to an emergency summit to discuss the crisis sparked by Myanmar's military beginning with a red carpet, while COVID put pay to handshakes. The areas protesters believed he should have been greeted with handcuffs.

MUHAMMAD ISNUR: [INAUDIBLE] discuss with the person who doing [INAUDIBLE], and until now, he didn't stop any murder in the Myanmar. How can you discuss with a murderer?

- Security was tight ahead of the meeting of Southeast Asian leaders. The aim today to try to persuade the general to end the killings and begin a path to peace, but the very decision to invite him sparked accusations of helping to legitimize an illegal regime.


Junta forces have killed more than 700 people in Myanmar since February's coup. The ongoing crackdowns triggered economic social and political turmoil, leaving neighbors fearing a flood of refugees and the prospect of a failed state on their doorstep. Today's message, the violence must stop now.


- So this is the crucial test for ASEAN in Myanmar will the agreements made here and the killing, but how?

- I'm not sure how it will stop immediately. I do think what we have is the beginning of a commitment. But, of course, for that commitment to be fulfilled, we need to see what kind of framework and plan that ASEAN will put forward, and how we can negotiate those framework as soon as possible with the military regime.

- And Myanmar doesn't have time to lose. Deeply divided, this country is at breaking point. Siobhan Robbins, Sky News, Bangkok.