Myanmar's ambassador locked out of London embassy

The military seized power in Myanmar in a coup in February and have cracked down on pro-democracy protesters.

London ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn has broken ranks with the ruling junta in recent weeks, calling for the release of detained civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

"I have been locked out," he told Reuters outside the embassy in central London.

Four diplomatic sources with knowledge of the matter said that deputy ambassador Chit Win has taken over as charge d'affairs and he and the military attaché had locked the ambassador out of the building.

Video Transcript

- Mr. Ambassador, could you just tell us what happened? Please?

KYAW ZWAR MINN: It's kind of a coup.

- It's very important to tell the world.

KYAW ZWAR MINN: It's kind of a coup. Understand that, it's kind of a coup. In the middle of London, this kind of coup is not going to happen.

- What happened, though? Tell us what happened. What are the facts?

- OK. You can see that they occupy my building. I'm ambassador of Myanmar here, not a government representative. I'm ambassador or Myanmar.

- And have you asked the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, about the situation?

KYAW ZWAR MINN: Yeah, We are waiting for their instruction.

- What would you tell the world? What should happen now? Give you your embassy back?


No, no. This is my building. I need to go inside. That's why I'm waiting there. OK?