Mykolaiv Oblast governor says why invaders are building up weapons on Kinburn Spit

Kinburn Spit
Kinburn Spit

The Kinburn Spit is a sliver of land at the mouth of the Dnipro River, separating the river from the Black Sea. Its territory is split administratively between Mykolaiv Oblast and Kherson Oblast, and it is the only part of Mykoliav Oblast still under Russian-occupation.

Kim said there was no military purpose in the presence of the occupiers on the Kinburn Spit. They remain there to pursue certain goals, in particular to prevent Mykolaiv Oblast from joining the “grain corridor.” According to Kim, the Russians are demonstrating that they control this passage.

Furthermore, the invaders are trying to intimidate the spit’s civilians and remind them that they are still here, as well as shelling an additional region, because from a military point of view, the enemy cannot do anything, Kim added.

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The governor emphasized that Ukraine’s task was to prevent the invaders from accumulating weapons at the Kinburn Spit and “this struggle is ongoing.”

In November 2022, almost the whole of Mykolaiv Oblast was liberated. However, the Kinburn Spit remained under the control of the enemy. There are three settlements there that belong to the Mykolaiv Oblast: Pokrovske, Vasylivka and Pokrovka.

Representative of the Southern Operational Command Natalia Humeniuk on Jan. 8 reported that neither the Ukrainians nor the Russians have absolute control over the Kinburn Spit. At that time, she said it was part of the front line.

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