Mysterious ‘boom’ causes stir on Utah mountain — and it wasn’t caused by space debris

A mysterious “boom” heard emanating from a Utah mountain has authorities puzzled and turning to the public for answers.

Residents reported seeing a flash of light and hearing a “booming noise” in Draper near the Traverse Mountains shortly after 1 a.m. on Saturday, March 18, the Draper Police Department said in a news release posted to Facebook.

After arriving on scene, first responders did not locate anything, police said.

Later that day, police said they reviewed footage from a doorbell camera that “showed a bright flash of light with (an) accompanying booming noise” on a “mountain northeast of the Salt Lake County Flight Park.”

A hiker also reported finding evidence of an explosion, and authorities searched the area, police said.

Days later, police said they ruled out space debris as the cause of the explosion, adding they believe it was human-caused.

Geneva Rock, a construction company, and Rocky Mountain Power confirmed with police the explosion was “not related to any of their operations.”

Police are asking anyone with information about “any suspicious people or vehicles in the area of the Traverse Mountains late Friday evening to early Saturday morning” to contact them.

Additionally, those who have security cameras that may have captured the explosion are asked to review their footage, police said. Those with information should contact police at 801-840-4000.

Draper is about 20 miles south of Salt Lake City.

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