Mysterious mansion ruins on beach captivate onlookers

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Seashells, shark teeth and sand dollars are all things you expect to find when combing the beach. Beachgoers in Costa del Sol, El Salvador, though, have discovered the mysterious ruins of a villa that washed ashore on the picturesque La Puntilla Beach.

Travelers began flocking to the site after a Salvadoran TikTok user, Cholopanza Vlogs, posted a clip of himself traveling to the villa ruins on the popular social video platform, as well as a much longer vlog on YouTube. His TikTok went viral, racking up more than 400,000 views.

The abandoned villa, which has clearly seen better days, rests right where the waves meet the sand, with water flowing in and out of the ruins' lower level as the tides shift. Some suspect it ended up there courtesy of the very powerful Hurricane Mitch, which was notorious for its copious rainfall and blamed for more than 9,000 fatalities, in 1998.

Tourists can climb the still-intact stairs to the building's upper floor for a nice view of the beach.

"It seems to me a very interesting tourist place, a place that many should come to visit," said Julia Ramirez, a tourist who had come to see the house with her friends.

Visitors have already left their mark on the house, which is quite graffitied. Others have gone to the scenic ruins to take some unique photos with friends.


Details on how the villa ruins got on the beach are fuzzy, with some theorizing that a strong ocean storm could have brought them ashore. It is also possible that the ruins have been there for a long time as a well-kept local secret -- one that has now been shared with the world.

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