Mystery ‘hero’ saved baby and others in El Paso shooting. Cops need help finding him

Chacour Koop

El Paso police need help finding a man they say saved the lives of several people, including a baby, during the deadly shooting at a Walmart.

The police department released a photo Thursday of a man in a plaid, short-sleeve shirt and a black baseball cap at the Walmart.

“His actions at Wal-mart were critical and lifesaving,” police tweeted. “He needs to be identified and interviewed by investigators.”

Police later tweeted that an infant was among the people he saved.

“We believe this HERO helped save several lives including an infant,” police said.

A shooter killed 22 people in the shooting at the Walmart in El Paso on Aug. 3, according to The Associated Press. Authorities said the suspect targeted Mexicans during the attack, the AP reported.