Mystery Illness Causes Indian Man’s Leg To Balloon To The Same Weight As A Baby Elephant

An Indian man has been left immobile by a rare genetic condition that has caused his legs to swell to more than five times their regular size.

Arun Rajasingh’s right leg is the worst affected and weighs 100kg - the same weight as a newborn elephant and heavier than the combined weight of the rest of his body.


Arun Rajasingh was born with a mystery genetic condition that has caused his leg to grow at an abnormal rate. Photo: Caters News Agency

His condition is yet to be diagnosed and the 34-year-old is now desperate to find a cure.

“Doctors are still researching about my condition and they have not found a cure yet,” he told The Sun.

"I get emotional and feel disheartened sometimes but I haven’t lost hope at all.”


Arun receives physiotherapy regularly to help with the pain in his legs. Photo: Caters News Agency.

The Chennai man has suffered from the condition since birth, when doctors told his mother that her newborn son would have only three weeks to live.

Proving doctors wrong, Arun went on to live a mostly normal life until his legs grew so heavy he was constrained to a wheelchair.


Arun completed a his degree in engineering studies to start his own IT company from his home. Photo: Caters News Agency

Determined not to let his disability control his life, Arun enrolled in a college 800 kilometres away from his home and graduated with a degree in engineering studies.

He is now starting up his own IT company, operating from his home.

“Now I’m picking up my business after all the physical and mental stress and challenges I have faced,” he told Press TV.

“And now all I need is I need to go out and have some fresh air and socialize with people.”


He is appealing to doctors around the world to help him find answers to his mystery condition. Photo: Caters News Agency

After leaving Indian doctors puzzled by his illness, Arun is now seeking help from medical practitioners around the world.

“I have reached a stage where I need to find a solution to this condition. I am hopeful that someone somewhere will have a solution for me and I am looking forward to it.”