Late Mythbusters Star and Race Car Driver Jessi Combs to Be Honored with Exhibit in Los Angeles

Aurelie Corinthios

Jessi Combs‘ loved ones are doing what they can to honor the late professional racer and television personality.

On Tuesday, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles announced a special temporary exhibit curated with the help of Combs’ family and friends. Debuting this Sunday and located in the William E. Connor Penthouse, “Jessi Combs: Life at Full Speed” will honor the late Mythbusters star’s life and accomplishments, highlighting her career as a fabricator, race car driver and TV presenter.

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Combs died on Aug. 27 while pursuing a land speed record in Oregon. She was 36.

Her death was confirmed to PEOPLE by the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, which responded to the scene of the jet-car crash in the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon. Combs was pronounced dead at the scene; the cause of the crash is still unknown.

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The exhibit will feature objects from Combs’ workshop and studio in Long Beach, California. Items on display will include several of her motorcycles, personal notebooks and memorabilia, original Chip Foose drawings from her time on Overhaulin’, personal notebooks, welding jackets and racing helmets, as well as various accolades including her Baja and Great Race medals.

Exhibit proceeds will benefit The Jessi Combs Foundation, a new organization dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering the next generation of female trailblazers and stereotype-breakers.

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“Jessi was the most amazing spirit that I have ever or will ever know,” said Combs’ boyfriend Terry Madden in a statement. “Her appetite for living life on the edge and pursuing her dreams to the fullest is an inspiration to me and all who knew her. The Jessi Combs Foundation will motivate young women who looked up to Jessi, empowering them to uncover their inner confidence and abilities so they, too, can achieve their dreams.”

“Jessi Combs: Life at Full Speed” will run through Sep. 25 and is free to the general public. For more information, visit