N. Korean launch shows weapons progress: experts

A day after firing two projectiles off its east coast, North Korea trumpted the success of a new weapons system.

Official state media on Friday (November 29) released photos showing a rocket launcher firing, although it's unclear when they were taken.

The report said Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un himself oversaw the test and showed "great satisfaction" over the result.

South Korean officials say it's the fourth test of the so-called "super large multiple rocket launcher".

In a briefing, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said the test showed the system and its crews are getting a lot faster.

The launcher - together with the KN-25 missile - is a short-range system.

According to experts, it poses a threat to most of South Korea as well as U.S. forces stationed there.

One analyst told Reuters that Thursday's test seems to show the weapons system is now ready to be mass produced and deployed.

The launcher test is seen as a Thanksgiving Day reminder for the U.S.

Kim has set an end-year deadline to re-start nuclear talks.

Recent negotiations have stalled, with North Korea insisting that biting sanctions be lifted.

Recently, it's warned it could take a "new path," raising concerns it may go back to testing long-range missiles or nuclear weapons after a two-year reprieve.