N.Korea's missile test signals evolving arsenal

North Korea's state-run television KRT aired new photographs of what it described as tactical guided missiles fired on Monday (January 17).

It's the latest in a series of recent tests that highlight North Korea's evolving missile program.

State media KCNA said the tactical guided missiles were fired from the country's west, and they "precisely hit an island target" off the east coast.

South Korea's military confirmed that there were two short range ballistic missiles fired on Monday from an airport in the capital Pyongyang, and that they flew for just over 200 miles.

The missile test was the fourth for the North since the start of the year.

It follows two previous launches involving hypersonic missiles, and another test on Friday (January 14) using a pair of short-range ballistic missiles fired from train cars.

The unusually rapid sequence of launches has drawn U.S. condemnation and a push for new U.N. sanctions, while Pyongyang warns of stronger actions.

The U.N has urged Pyongyang to "cease its unlawful and destabilizing activities" and reopen dialog.

South Korea's defense ministry said on Tuesday (January 18) that it takes all North Korean missile launches as a "direct and serious threat," but its military is capable of detecting and intercepting them.

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