NAACP holds press conference to discuss gun violence reduction

The Dayton Unit of the NAACP held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss gun violence reduction.

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The conference took place at the NAACP Dayton Post on Salem Avenue at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

The Dayton Unit NAACP Leadership Team, President Dr. Derrick L. Forward, Sheriff Rob Streck, Dayton Mayor Jeffrey J. Mims Jr., Dayton Police Chief Karan Afzal and Just us, For us, By us Community-based organizations were all in attendance.

Law Enforcement and NAACP both agreed that there are too many homicides in our area and the focus should be on the youth.

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According to the president of the NAACP, there were 39 homicides and 21 arrests from gun violence made in 2022.

“I definitely have to watch where I’m at and pay attention to my surroundings,” 7 year Dayton resident, Lutricia Lumaine, said. “Now it’s gunshots every night. Gunshots every night.”

10 of those 39 homicides were children under the age of 18.

“Our lives and our babies, their lives are being taken away either through death incarceration or other means,” President Dr. Derrick L. Forward said. “We cannot sit here and make excuses that there is nothing for them to do, can we enhance it, yes.”

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Those numbers stretched across Dayton, Trotwood, and Harrison, Washington and Jefferson Townships.

“The young people don’t have a lot of opportunities,” Lumaine said. “And so you know, they kind of just out doing nothing.”

City leaders at the conference stated that young kids need to be more involved in organizations or groups across the area.