Naked intruder confronts homeowner, kills family’s pet birds, California police say

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A panicked phone call from his wife alerted Mat Sabz to a naked intruder in their Bel Air, California, home Thursday afternoon while he was upstairs changing clothes.

She had spotted the stranger on the family’s security cameras while she was away from home with their children, KABC reported. Sabz encountered the man on the stairs.

“Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here?” Sabz said to the man, KNBC reported. “He looked at me and said, ‘This is my house,’ and he started coming up the stairs.”

Unsure what to do, Sabz retreated to his bedroom, then jumped off a second-floor balcony barefoot onto his car and called police, KCBS reported.

Security camera footage shows the intruder taking a naked dip in a swimming pool, then roaming the house clad only in a towel and killing the family’s pet parakeets, according to the station.

“He went to the birdcage and violently grabbed our kids’ birds and threw them on the floor and stomped on them,” Sabz told KABC. His children discovered the dead birds when they returned home.

Los Angeles police arrested Paul Kiyan, 33, whom they described as being homeless, on suspicion of burglary and animal cruelty, according to the station.

Sabz said Kiyan got inside the home after taking a garage door opener from an unlocked vehicle, KNBC reported.

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