'Can you name three of my songs?' -Machine Gun Kelly

"Oh, come on, we are waiting hours in the cold," pleaded the autograph seeker.

"Can you name three of my songs?" asked Baker, to which the man responded "No." Baker then walked away.

Baker was in Berlin to present and promote his new film "Taurus," which he called a real-life story about a jaded, drug-addicted musician that reveals his true identity.

His fiancee Megan Fox also appears in the film as the lead character Cole's estranged wife and the mother of their young daughter.

Baker, 31, grew up in a family of missionaries and has publicly talked about his mother leaving the family when he was a young boy. Making "Taurus" helped him heal past wounds and let down his guard, he said.

The film shows Cole bingeing on drugs and alcohol, mistreating his assistant, his only real friend, and showing little interest in keeping his fans, record label bosses or new sponsors on his side. His daughter Rosie comes to stay but leaves after a few days barely seeing her father. It is only when stirred by inspiration to compose new songs that Cole finds some peace.

Baker said he hoped to send a message of hope to struggling audience members with his performance in the film.

"Taurus" is screening in the sidebar Panorama section of the 72nd Berlinale and will receive its world premiere in the German capital later on Sunday.