Naomi Osaka’s Legs Are So Sculpted In Bright Red Boots On Instagram

Naomi Osaka’s Legs Are So Sculpted In Bright Red Boots On Instagram
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  • Professional tennis player Naomi Osaka, 24, just revealed her super toned legs in brand new Instagram photos.

  • She rocks a blue, plaid dress and bright red boots that totally show off her sculpted muscles.

  • Going ice skating and blending up her favorite coconut smoothies help Naomi stay fit, even during her off season.

Naomi Osaka is living it up while on vacation in bright, sunny Italy. The professional tennis player, 24, just posted new photos on Instagram, and she looks totally in her element.

In the snaps, Naomi poses on a street in Rome, Italy, while wearing a blue, ruffled, plaid dress and bright red boots. Her long, lean legs are the focus, and fans in the comments couldn't help but notice. "Killing it out there in these streets🔥😍😍," one user wrote. Someone else added, "THE CATEGORY IS LEGSSS" (oh, and she swept it).

Honestly, it's the attitude combined with the toned legs for me. There's even a featured cameo from her dad, Leonard, if you swipe far enough:

So, just how does Naomi sculpt those muscles? For starters, she has three-hour practice sessions on the court every day with her trainer, Abdul Sillah, according to Us Weekly.

“I love my time on the court,” Naomi said. “My morning practices alternate between ground strokes, cardio and footwork drills.”

Throughout her intense workouts, Naomi sips on her favorite smoothies. "My go-to trick is if fruits are starting to go bad," she told Mind Body Green, "rather than waste them, I cut them up and place in portion-sized baggies and freeze so they are ready to go for my shakes."

Her go-to a.m. smoothie ingredients are strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, chia seeds, and BOYDARMOR LYTE Coconut for extra nutrients. "For my post-workout smoothie, I tend to use more vegetables compared to fruits in my pre-workout option," she added.

"Adding a spice like ginger gives it some good flavor too. Overall, this one helps me recover and cool down from my toughest of workouts." Apples, spinach, and cucumbers round out her dream recovery drink.

After sweating it out on the court, Naomi spends some time with her physical therapist to help her body recover. Then, it's time for a snack. She usually reaches for a bowl of fruit and a sports drink. “It’s so important to rehydrate!” she said. Lunch is usually a big bowl from her favorite chain restaurant, Sweetgreen.

For dinner, Naomi likes to get creative in the kitchen. She told Women's Health that the pandemic inspired her to cook her favorite meals herself at home, including her mom's lamb stew, Haitian-inspired dishes, and steak risotto. “There is something so comforting about the warm and creamy rice with steak,” she said.

Even on her days off, Naomi stays active. “I love to try different activities that help me unwind and loosen up,” she explained to Us Weekly. “Ice-skating is pretty cool.”

All that activity is definitely paying off—and Naomi couldn't look happier to be living it up with her dad while on vacay.

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