Napa family finds hundreds of old love letters hidden in attic. Here's who wrote them

When Joanne Willis moved into her Napa home in November, she didn't know how much love was in the foundation. "The second we moved into this house we felt just happy here, too," Willis said. Willis and her husband are the third owners of the house, but it was only when she was exploring every inch that she found an old treasure hiding in the attic. "I was surprised,” Willis said. “I couldn’t believe it got left behind." In a dark corner, there was a chest that hadn't seen the light of day for nearly four decades. "It's a cool find," Willis said. “I'll take this over gold, well maybe not, but this is pretty good." Willis couldn't believe her eyes. There were hundreds of love letters from the mid-1950s. She decided to use social media to see if she could figure out who the letters belonged to.