NASA astronauts get ready for a rare splashdown

Two U.S. astronauts are ready to make the first splashdown in 45 years. NASA plans to bring Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken back Sunday in the Dragon capsule. (July 31)

Video Transcript

BOB BEHNKEN: Splashdown is closer than it was the last time we were asked questions about it. But I still don't feel nervous about it. And really, we're focused on the things that we'll need to do to be as safe as possible as we come back. And we won't leave the Space Station without some good landing opportunities in front of us, good splashdown weather in front of us. And so they're keeping us informed, but the lion's share, that work happens on their end. We don't control the weather, and we know we can stay up here longer. There's more chow.

DOUG HURLEY: And just to be able to live and work aboard Space Station, a facility that the three of us all helped build during the shuttle flights. And it's been great to be a crew member with Chris and Bob. Just an incredible experience and one that I will absolutely never forget and I'll always cherish.