NASA is hiring new astronauts to go to the moon

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NASA announced Monday that it’s hiring two astronauts — one man, one woman — to travel to the moon within the next three years to explore the satellite’s south pole.

That trip, NASA said, is part of the agency’s next big mission — to establish “sustainable exploration” with “commercial and international partners” on the satellite by 2028.

After that comes the “giant leap” to Mars in the mid-2030s, the agency said.

Applicants only need two years of work toward a PhD program in math, science, technology or engineering; a completed doctorate in medicine; to have completed an internationally recognized pilot test program by June 2021; and to best the thousands of people they'll likely compete against.

The last time NASA solicited applications for new astronauts was 2015, when 18,300 people applied.

The agency selected 11 of them. They graduated from training earlier this year.

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