NASA Has A Plan To Prevent Potential Supervolcano From Destroying Civilization

Volcano eruption in Italy
Volcano eruption in Italy

When it comes to worrying over impending catastrophic events, the threat of a third World War definitely high on a lot of people’s radar.

However, according to scientists NASA, there is actually something that is a much bigger threat to our planet than another World War, or a potential nuclear war, or even an asteroid impact. That something is literally lurking right beneath our feet – supervolcanoes.

With approximately 20 so-called supervolcanoes scattered around the world as we speak, NASA says that an eruption of just one of those volcanoes could be a bigger threat to the human race than any asteroid.

Fortunately, though, the space agency has a hatched a plan to prevent that from happening.

Hidden beneath Yellowstone National Park in the U.S., the Yellowstone Caldera is an enormous crater-like depression measuring 30 miles by 45 miles and is filled with red-hot magma.

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