NASA Released Breathtaking New Images From The Surface Of Mars

Alexandra Lozovschi

New image from Mars taken by the InSight lander.

A brand-new batch of Mars photos has just come through from the InSight lander, NASA announced yesterday.

This latest collection of images from the spacecraft’s landing site at Elysium Planitia comprises 17 novel snapshots and was received by mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, on December 4 — or sol 8 of the InSight Mars mission.

The new photos offer a more detailed look at the lander’s surroundings, while also showing a clearer view of the InSight scientific instruments, currently resting on the probe’s deck.

After recently beaming back a selfie of its robotic arm raised in triumph, as the Inquisitr reported on Wednesday, the InSight Mars lander has snapped another photo of its 6-feet-long appendage. This robotic arm will soon come in handy when it’s finally time for the spacecraft to deploy its SEIS seismometer and HP3 heat flow probe — “the only instruments ever to be robotically placed on the surface of another planet,” notes NASA.

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