NASA, SpaceX discuss upcoming Crew-2 ISS mission

NASA and SpaceX are gearing up to launch astronauts to the International Space Station next month as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. The mission will carry 4 astronauts to the space station aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft. (March 1)

Video Transcript

STEVE STITCH: This is an exciting flight for us. It's the first time we have not only another JAXA crew member in Aki, but we also have the European Space Agency crew member in Thomas. We're excited about that. We're excited about this Crew Dragon, which has some enhanced capabilities over the Crew-1.

BENJI REED: This is the Dragon that's going to fly for Crew-2. This is the same Dragon that flew the Demo II mission that carried Bob and Doug. The refurbishment of this vehicle has been going very well. It's our-- will be our first flight proven Dragon for-- for crew missions, and again, this Falcon 9 also has a history with the crew program. This is the same Falcon 9 booster that flew-- the Crew-1 flew up.