NASA's Perseverance sends pictures after landing

NASA has released the first close-up picture that captures Perseverance rover descending to the dusty red surface of Mars. The space agency revealed the photo less than 24 hours after the rover successfully landed to search for signs of life. (Feb. 19)

Video Transcript

PAULINE HWANG: I'm happy to say that the rover is doing great and is healthy on the surface of Mars and continues to be highly functional, and awesome, and just I'm exhilarated.

ADAM SELTZNER: This is an image of the rover Perseverance slung beneath the descent stage, its propulsion backpack, as it is being lowered to the surface of Mars.

HALLIE GENGL: So this is our first color front hazcam image and our first color image from the surface of Mars. This is not a color corrected product.

AARON STEHURA: You can see here in the zoomed in part of the image in the upper right. Our spacecraft with a fully inflated parachute and hanging underneath it our protective entry capsule. This was an image captured by our rear hazard avoidance camera. So this is looking backwards from the Perseverance rover's perspective.

HALLIE GENGL: So what this images is of the wheel on the surface of Mars. It's the front, right wheel. And we have now actually seen what it looks like right underneath the wheels.