Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman on finance's role in the COVID-19 response

NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman on the role of markets in responding to COVID-19, and helping business: "capital is a really critical component...keeping the markets open absolutely critical.”

Video Transcript

ADENA FRIEDMAN: When we have a problem, capital is part of the cure. And in terms of making sure that companies get funded to be able to be problem solvers, for one thing, whether they're solving problems to help us through the pandemic, like health care companies, technology companies, but also in terms of managing through the disruption to their business, in terms of some of the other parts of our economy that were hard hit, capital became a really critical component of them being able to work their way through it.

So our view is keeping the markets open was an absolutely critical element of making sure that our system and our economy could continue to function as we were absorbing that news and starting to walk into a different world.