Nashua schools to expand availability of COVID-19 testing for students

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Oct. 12—Nashua is set roll out two new COVID-19 testing programs for city schoolchildren.

Testing protocols at schools in New Hampshire have varied, with dozens of schools participating in a state-administered, federally-funded program to regularly test asymptomatic students, and some schools also using rapid tests to decide whether a student with the sniffles needs to be sent home to get tested for COVID-19.

Interim Superintendent Garth McKinney announced the testing programs during Tuesday's Board of Education meeting.

Four elementary schools in Nashua — Bicentennial, Main Dunstable, Charlotte Avenue and Fairgrounds Elementary — will soon be asking families to opt into a state-administered testing program, funded by federal COVID-19 stimulus dollars.

Additionally, school nurses in Nashua will be trained this week to administer rapid COVID-19 tests.

McKinney said he expects to send out parent consent forms next week.

Board member Dorothy Oden said she hoped the school-based testing programs will help get symptomatic students tested more quickly, and miss less school.

"I think it will benefit our families here," she said.

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