Nashville bans all electric scooters following rider death

Electric bikes and scooters finally get legalized in New York.

On Friday, the mayor of Nashville announced that all publicly-accessible electric scooters operating within the city will be banned and removed "immediately."

Following the death of an intoxicated individual who was killed while riding on a Bird electric scooter in Nashville, the city's mayor David Briley announced on Friday that all e-scooters will be "removed from the Metro rights-of-way immediately upon the enactment of the Council legislation."

Despite the city police determining that the scooter rider was responsible for the accident, Mayor Briley believes that the vehicles produce a sufficient number of safety concerns -- including "improper riding, parking violations, and poor rider education" -- that the shared e-scooters should be banned completely.

In May, Briley requested that all shared urban mobility device companies operating within the city address these various concerns within 30 days; however, in response to the death, he has recommended to the Metro Council that all e-scooter programs are discontinued.

The city remains open to the possibility of shared mobility devices operating within the Nashville, but only if "they are able to meet our requirements for safety and accessibility."