Nassau Coronavirus: Schools Unlikely To Open Soon, 2 More Deaths

Nikki Gaskins

This article originally appeared on the Mineola Patch

NASSAU COUNTY, NY—As of Thursday afternoon, there are now 3,914 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Nassau County. According to Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, that’s 629 more than reported the day before. Two more people have also died from COVID-19 in Nassau County, a 59-year-old woman and 66-year-old woman.

Curran also reported that 39 members of the Nassau County Police Department have tested positive for the coronavirus. That's six more than what was previously reported. Ninety officers are in quarantine.

“That 90 also includes the 39,” Curran said during a news conference Thursday.

For Nassau County residents wondering if school will reopen by April 1, Curran said that is highly unlikely and that the decision is ultimately up to New York’s governor.

“While nothing official has been announced, I believe that it is unlikely that schools will reopen on April 1. The governor has said we will reach the apex of this crisis in two to three weeks, and April 1 is only one week away,” she said.

Hospitals in Nassau County are running extremely low on ventilators and beds, Curran warned Thursday. To help replenish the stock, Curran said the county has purchased 100 new ventilators on an emergency basis. The county is also coordinating with the state to open a temporary medical facility soon in Nassau County.

“We will be there with the state to coordinate and be helpful every step of the way,” she said.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate approved a historic, $2 trillion stimulus package to provide a boost to an economy now grappling with the negative effects of the coronavirus. During Thursday’s news conference, Curan thanked lawmakers for unanimously passing the bill, which she said was necessary to help Nassau County recover from the financial devastation caused by the virus.

“This package expands unemployment insurance. It helps larger employees keep employees on the payroll, which is really important as we’re seeing people be laid off,” she said. “We know that small businesses are particularly suffering right now, and this package includes a loan program for small businesses. The package includes money for hospitals that are treating coronavirus patients. This will help them buy crucial medical equipment.”

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To fully assess the economic impact COVID-19 has had on the county, Curran urged businesses and non-profits to take the county’s new online survey. Curran said it will help the county see exactly what the economic loss is in Nassau so that it can be reported to the federal government for aid consideration. The survey can be found at this link. Businesses and private non-profits are asked to complete the survey by April 1.

Curran continues to ask residents to donate medical supplies at Eisenhower Park from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and so far donors, she said, are rising to the occasion. To date, she said 118,254 pairs of gloves have been donated as well as thousands of N95 face masks, surgical gowns, face shields, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

“Thank you, Nassau County, for stepping up. I am really, really proud of you,” she said.

The coronavirus continues to rapidly spread through New York. The total number of confirmed cases in New York was 37,258 as of Thursday morning and 385 have died, up from 285 the day before, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. There are 5,327 people currently hospitalized with the coronavirus, including 1,290 intensive care patients.

Here are the cases in the top 10 infected counties in the state, as of Thursday:

  • New York City: 21,393
  • Westchester: 5,944
  • Nassau: 3,914
  • Suffolk: 2,735
  • Rockland: 1,197
  • Orange: 751
  • Dutchess: 190
  • Albany: 171
  • Erie: 134
  • Monroe: 139

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