Nassau County Preparing For Snow Storm

Nassau County has its warming centers up and running, and crews were out preparing the streets for more snow Wednesday.

Video Transcript

- Nassau County has its warming centers up and running and also crews are already out preparing the streets.

LAURA CURRAN: Our guys are out there brining the roads, making sure that they're as gritty as they possibly can be. We saw too many accidents on the road the last couple of storms. So I urge residents, as always, if you can stay home-- and we've gotten pretty good at that recently-- please do so.

- Due to the storm, county sites are rescheduling Thursday and Friday second dose vaccine COVID-- for, rather, COVID vaccines for Monday. If you have an appointment on that day, you will be notified. And do stay with CBS 2 News for continuing coverage as we continue here on "Storm Watch." And remember you can get the latest forecast and live radar any time on our website