Natalie Portman gave a sweet show of support to her ’90s co-star Ashley Judd for taking a stand against Harvey Weinstein

Caroline Goldstein

Natalie Portman expressed her support for the 100-plus women who have accused Weinstein of sexual abuse—and one in particular: fellow actor Ashley Judd, with whom Portman starred in the 2000 movie Where the Heart Is. They both also appeared in 1995’s Heat.

Portman posted a photograph from Where the Heart Is on Instagram yesterday, January 23rd. With the photo, she included a powerful caption that showed her support for her former co-star in her fight against Weinstein.


Judd filed a lawsuit against Weinstein in May 2019 for defamation and sexual harassment, claiming that Weinstein spread lies about her after she rejected his sexual advances, which severely damaged her career. Last year, a California judge dismissed the sexual harassment portion of her suit but allowed her to move forward with the suit’s claims of defamation and unfair business practices.

Also yesterday, actor Annabella Sciorra was the first of the six women expected to testify in front of a jury against Harvey Weinstein.

He’s currently facing charges in New York for five counts of rape and assault against two women. Judd Tweeted her support for Sciorra in advance of her grueling testimony, in which Sciorra detailed claims that Weinstein raped her in her New York apartment in 1993-94.

Over the past couple of days, many actors and celebrities have also taken to Twitter to show their support for Sciorra, as well as the five other women who are scheduled to testify against Weinstein over the course of the trial.

We’ll be closely following the progress of Weinstein’s trial. In the meantime, we’re adding to the chorus of supporters: To all survivors of sexual abuse, we’re proud to stand with you.