Nation finding new ways to push to get people vaccinated

The CDC as well as states around the nation are using the upcoming holiday to get more Americans vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- A new push this morning to get more Americans vaccinated after the nation's vaccination rate dropped to two million shots per day. That's a 20% decrease from just one week before. ABC'S Christine Sloan has more.

- I have a challenge to DC residents.

CHRISTINE SLOAN: Officials resorting to different methods to encourage vaccinations. In DC, free temporary tattoos that say vaxxed for mom and dad ahead of Mother's Day. The CDC'S director using the holiday to advocate for vaccines, too.

DR. ROCHELLE WALENSKY: I rest easy knowing my family will be safe. And that is simply the best Mother's Day gift I could get this year.

CHRISTINE SLOAN: This mobile vaccination clinic opening in Maine. The hope to reach more unvaccinated people. And in Phoenix, city officials offering a $75,000 bonus to city workers who get vaccinated. Dr. Rochelle Walensky saying she expects Pfizer to get FDA authorization for vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds next week. Pfizer now planning to seek full approval from the FDA for its COVID-19 vaccine. Right now, the vaccine is being distributed under an emergency use authorization, which is a different regulatory status.

There are more signs of things gradually returning to normal. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville opening to full capacity next week. And in Chicago's United Center, now welcoming fans back to the stands for the Bulls and Blackhawks game, up to 25% capacity.

- Getting everyone back together. The madhouse on Madison is always good to be there in person, whether you're watching the Bulls or the Blackhawks.

CHRISTINE SLOAN: And there is potentially hope for future herd immunity in some places like California, once a hot spot of the pandemic in the US.

- We never wanted to get to herd immunity with a combination of natural infection and vaccination, but that's what California went through.