National average for a gallon of gas hits $5

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$5 a gallon for gas.

The national average hit that milestone on Jun. 9, according to GasBuddy.

While prices in the Mid-South are not quite that high, they’re getting closer.

The website reports the average price for a gallon of unleaded in Memphis is $4.63.

It means a simple commute to work, or the grocery store is costing you more.

The steady increase in gas prices has drivers like Lee Davis and his wife doing what they can to cut back.

“We aren’t doing too much shopping right now. We’re going to wait until the gas goes down a little bit,” he said.

“Rent has gone up and doubled, gas this high, it’s tough on people,” Maryanne Larrimore of Memphis said.

Larrimore drives a Fiat.

She only has to fill up her fuel-efficient car every few weeks.

But even she is making adjustments.

“I don’t just jump out and drive to Kroger or go to Target,” she said. “I try to be more efficient with what I do.”

Some people don’t have the option to cut back on driving.

Rickie Hoyle drives around the city for his job every day.

He’s saving money when he can in other ways.

“I still drive as much as I used to drive, but I think before I spend now. I make sure for the week I am good as far as gas, and extra things that I like to do,” Hoyle said.

Unfortunately, experts don’t believe we’ve seen the end of rising gas prices.

Many analysts said the national average could reach nearly $6 a gallon later this summer.

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