National Guard Brings COVID Vaccinations To Hard-Hit Maryland Communities With Mobile Clinic

On Friday, the vaccine mobile clinic came to Montgomery County and parked outside of CASA of Maryland.

Video Transcript

- As Maryland works to vaccinate everybody in the state, Annie Rose Ramos was with the National Guard today to see how they're bringing the vaccine to some of the hardest hit communities.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: The National Guard's vaccine clinic on wheels arriving in Montgomery County.

- We're here vaccinating the community.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Bringing it to CASA headquarters, an organization serving immigrants, mostly from Central America.

- Most of them Latino community, immigrant community.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: It's here where the Guard's Equity Task Force says there are barriers between the people and the vaccine.

- A lot of them don't speak English. A lot of them are afraid of getting the vaccine. And a lot of them don't have a certain mode of transportation to get them to the mass vaccination sites.

- Now they're being sent to Six Flags, and that is pretty much 45-minute drive.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: But this community needs the vaccine just as much as any other.

- Many of them are frontline workers. They work construction or they work retail. And they're always in contact with people.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: And at vaccination sites an ID is required, something most of them, because they're undocumented, don't have.

- It has to be the federal ID for them to be able to get vaccinated.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: First in line to get this vaccine is Norberto from Peru. He says he's here because of trust.

- They trust coming here. They trust that we are doing this for them.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: And thanks to today's clinic, he's vaccinated.

Annie Rose Ramos reporting for WJZ.