National Pizza Day: These restaurants were named Oregon, Washington’s best pizza spots

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — National Pizza Day is on Friday, marking the perfect time for people to indulge in all things cheesy, saucy and doughy.

If you aren’t sure where to spend the important holiday, family magazine Reader’s Digest has highlighted the best pizza joints across every state “using a combination of local knowledge, sales figures, rave reviews, and simply following our noses.”

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According to the list that was last updated in January, the team found that Sizzle Pie serves the most delicious pizzas in Oregon.

The chain opened its first restaurant on Portland’s East Burnside Street in 2011, but now has seven locations across the metro area including a stand in the Moda Center and a sister bar. It has also expanded to Reno, Nev.

The company promises to serve East Coast-inspired pizzas with a West Coast twist. With that being said, Reader’s Digest highlighted it for its plant-based pie options.

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“And the folks at Sizzle Pie in Portland like their plant-based pizza with a side of metal rock music (it’s kind of their thing),” the magazine wrote about the regional chain. “While you can get meaty, cheesy slices here, Sizzle is well-loved by vegans for their wide selection of dairy-free pies — like the Vegan Angel of Doom, featuring vegan mozzarella, jalapeños, pineapple, shaved almonds, and cilantro. You know it’s a great pizza place when it has something for everyone.”

In Washington, Seattle-area chain Serious Pie was dubbed the best pizza spot. The company has three locations in Downtown Seattle, Ballard and Totem Lake.

When food lifestyle brand Taste of Home conducted its own search of the most delicious pizzas in every state, it agreed that Serious Pie serves up Washington’s No. 1 pie.

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But in Oregon, the Apizza Amore from Apizza Scholls was regarded as the best. The dish is a margherita pizza topped with cured pork shoulder from Olympia Provisions.

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