The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine identifies promoters of Russian narratives in the West


This week, Russia promoted, through loyal Western experts, the narrative of Russia's imminent victory and the necessity for Ukraine to make concessions.

Source: Centre for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defence Council, on Telegram

Details: In particular, the French Centre for Intelligence Research has published an analytical report that partially promotes Kremlin narratives about "inexperienced Ukrainian soldiers" and the "professional Russian army."

In an interview with English-language media, the former American senator Richard Black spoke of Russia's imminent victory because "Russia cannot afford to lose because of the threat of NATO enlargement."

Italian General Leonardo Tricarico called on the EU to abandon the "crazy idea of ​​winning the war in Ukraine" and persuade Ukraine to capitulate so as not to provoke Russia to use weapons of mass destruction.

The German Schiller Institute held an international discussion on the threat of World War III. The participants in the event concluded that "the confrontation with Russia is detrimental to Germany and the EU."

The Centre for Countering Disinformation emphasises that all these statements are an attempt by Russia to impose their point of view on the world.