The national title is the reason Jimbo Fisher should never leave Texas A&M | Opinion

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He has spoken, and his words are good and pure.

“I plan on being here,” Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher told reporters on Monday in response to the idea that he would be interested in leaving for LSU.

The list of head coaches who “plan on being here” is full of honest men who preach one thing and do another.

Nick Saban planned “on being here” as the head coach at Michigan State. And LSU. And the Miami Dolphins.

Tommy Tuberville planned “on being here” at Ole Miss.

Mel Tucker planned “on being here” at Colorado.

Bobby Petrino planned “on being here” at Louisville.

Jimbo planned “on being here” at Florida State.

Jimbo had to say what he said, and should not be knocked for it. That’s college $port$.

With LSU head coach Ed Orgeron agreeing to leave after the season one of college football’s best jobs will be open.

All of the pieces fit for Jimbo to jump on a jumbo jet and fly to Baton Rouge.

He was an assistant at LSU from 2000 to 2006.

LSU’s current athletic director, Scott Woodward, was the man who hired Jimbo away from Florida State and brought him to College Station after the 2017 season.

Jimbo’s contract does not have a buyout.

Again, Jimbo’s contract has no buyout. He can leave for free.

This needs a banner.

A coach can win a national title at LSU.

The last bullet point is why Jimbo will never, and should never, leave College Station.

He has his national title; he just won it at Florida State in 2013.

He doesn’t have to win a national title at Texas A&M to remain beloved. He just has to flirt with it.

Jimbo didn’t reach the college football playoffs last season, and he was still buried in a four-year extension this year that will bring his annual salary from $7.5 million to $9 million.

Jimbo and A&M’s win over top-ranked Alabama essentially erased the blah feelings generated from the ugly defeats to Arkansas at JerryWorld, and Mississippi State at Kyle Field.

The Aggies love this man in a way that defies romance novels; they don’t care the reason he loves them right back is because Texas A&M made his great, great, great grandchildren wealthy.

That is how Scott Woodward lured Jimbo away from Florida State.

If Jimbo follows Woodward again, he must win a national title. In Baton Rouge, close doesn’t get you a four-year extension. It gets you fired.

College football is a rigged game that favors those who won before.

Money can buy almost everything, but not a national championship.

Ask Oregon.

Breaking through may be possible, and as college football consolidates A&M has a better chance than ever to win that coveted title, but with every passing season it looks impossible.

Since 1961, 23 teams claim a national title. Nine have won it once - Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, BYU, Michigan, Georgia, Arkansas and Pittsburgh.

(That BYU title in ‘84 has always been iffy; Washington, Michigan, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia Tech were all split title winners, which in this current system would not happen).

The last team to win a national title that has not won it since was Tennessee, in 1998.

In case you are wondering, Texas A&M’s last national title came in 1939, the year after TCU won its last championship.

LSU? It has three titles since 2003 (‘03, ‘07, ‘19).

The Tigers last three coaches all won titles, Nick Saban, Les Miles and Coach O. Also, the last two were dumped by LSU.

Jimbo was part of Saban’s staff that rebuilt LSU football into a national power. Jimbo would understand that job as well as any candidate.

Considering the resumes of potential hires, which will include Baylor’s Dave Aranda and Carolina Panthers’ assistant Joe Brady, Jimbo would be a fine top choice for LSU.

He is one of the few to have won a national title.

Which is precisely the reason he should never leave Texas A&M.

He doesn’t have to win a national title at A&M. He just has to flirt with it.

At LSU, flirting gets you fired.

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