Nationwide recall of a dairy-free protein powder for a potentially serious problem

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Nine lots of Love & Peas Protein Rich Meal Replacement have been recalled because, though the front of the bags say the protein powder is dairy-free, these lots might have milk.

The milk came in via an ingredient from an ingredient supplier, says manufacturer Nature’s Sunshine’s FDA-posted recall alert.

Milk presence isn’t a problem for most folks. But, as the alert warns, people with a milk allergy “may experience a serious allergic reaction if they consume the affected product.”

This covers lot Nos. 001220292; 001223066; 001222059; 001215380; 001222934; 001218022; 001223890; 001220084; and 001224031, which were sold from Dec. 22 through April 8.

If you need to dump the powder because of this recall, contact Nature’s Sunshine at or 800-223-8225, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time for a full product credit.

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