NATO countries to unify their military industries, Ukraine will benefit from this – Kuleba

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NATO countries are preparing for the unification of their military industries. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said he received confirmation from colleagues from other states.

Source: Kuleba to journalists in Brussels, as reported by European Pravda

Kuleba considers the negotiations at the NATO headquarters very successful, as he received assurances from his partners about their support for Ukraine's defence industry. "We agreed to develop new NATO projects to increase the production capacity of the Ukrainian defence industry and to treat the wounded Ukrainians," he said, in particular.

However, the main achievement, Kuleba stressed, was the agreement on a deep reform of the functioning of the Western defence industry, "not put on paper, but spoken about clearly".

"No country on its own is capable of satisfying Ukraine's or even its own state's need for weapons and ammunition. To solve this problem, NATO and EU countries need to start talking about their common military defence system as a single integrated system," he said.

Kuleba reiterated that Kyiv has been raising this issue for a long time, and now he saw his counterparts' understanding of the issue.

The minister said that implementing this reform will "integrate the Ukrainian defence industry into the NATO system" and will also help improve the supply of the Armed Forces.

"It is impossible to solve the problem of increasing the capacities of our defence industry without rethinking the Western defence industry as a single system," the minister is convinced.


  • The North Atlantic Alliance insisted that statements and assumptions heard in Ukraine that its Armed Forces' leaders have had no plan to achieve military goals are incorrect.

  • Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the F-16 fighter jets, on which Ukrainian pilots are currently being trained, will strengthen Ukraine's air defence and help inflict greater losses on the Russian occupation army.

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