NATO defence ministers discuss Ukraine

STORY: The meeting comes as Kyiv accused NATO members France, Germany and, to a lesser extent, Italy, of foot-dragging in their support for Ukraine, saying they have been slow to deliver weapons and of putting their own prosperity ahead of Ukraine's freedom and security.

Ukraine has been particularly critical of Germany's military aid and the country's ambassador to Berlin, Andrij Melnyk, told German broadcaster NTV he expected Scholz to hand over heavy weapons that had been long-promised but not yet delivered.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has dismissed allegations he has held back much-needed military support, saying Germany was one of the biggest military and financial backers of Ukraine, and that it was taking time to train Ukrainian soldiers to use the sophisticated artillery systems that it was offering.

Before the meeting, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said three multiple rocket launchers that Berlin pledged to Kyiv can be delivered in July or August after Ukrainian troops have been trained on the weapons.