Navy Pier to begin phased reopening on April 30

Navy Pier has announced that it begin a phased-in reopening on April 30, with restored public access to some outdoor spaces and attractions.

Video Transcript

Navy pier has not announced a date for its scheduled reopening coming after its longest shutdown in recent memory. But in order to be able to reopen, they're going to need jobs and employees to staff those positions, so that's exactly what they're interviewing for right now. Chicago's most recognizable tourist attraction is preparing to come out of its pandemic hibernation.

PAYAL PATEL: Navy Pier has been closed for quite some time and we're looking forward to reopening. We are as anxious as everybody to get this place reopened, welcome guys back safely.

LIZ NAGY: To do that, Navy Pier guest Services Department is adding to its team.

PAYAL PATEL: We've had an overwhelming amount of interest in jobs at the pier which comes as no surprise of course. Typically, we host this fair every single year and this year we sold out our tickets for reservations within 24 hours.

DARIUS ANTHONY: It was full. They said there were no more slots so I just took a whim and came down here.

LIZ NAGY: That gamble paid off for the 27-year-old brand new dad looking for a more permanent job.

DARIUS ANTHONY: It just feels bigger than me right now for real. I just want to make sure everything I do after this point, every decision I make after this is thinking about this as positive. It's a good decision.

LIZ NAGY: Anthony will be one of about 100 new employees hired at least for the season for jobs like running the Pier's famed Ferris wheel or monitoring social distancing when the lakefront site finally reopens.

PAYAL PATEL: As our phased reopening continues, there might be opportunities for more employment in the future.

LIZ NAGY: Though social distancing ambassadors at the Navy Pier is hiring for our new jobs added during the pandemic. So they're hoping to fill those slots before hoping to reopen again perhaps at the end of the month. Now, this job fair will be going on until 7 o'clock tonight and while it had been a ticketed event only, Navy Pier says they've had a lot of people not show up. So they're asking people if you're in the market for a job Come on down here and give it a try.