Navy sailor makes surprise homecoming at son’s baseball game

Some fans sitting in the Park View Little League bleachers may have been hoping to see a home run. What they ultimately got was a heartfelt homecoming.

Video Transcript

- Indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

- For this right fielder, Adonis Garcia, this little league game started just like any other with the Pledge of Allegiance, but then--

- Everybody, turn around, and face your parents.

- Or you could turn this way.

- What the-- dad!

- Standing behind him, and just wanting to just grab him, that's kind of a hard feeling to hold back.

- As dad held back holding his son, this 10-year-old was clueless.

- I saw him, but I thought it was the other kids dad. So I was like, oh, it's his dad. When my coach said a special guest, I was like, oh, yay.

- That special guest, his father, home from a six month deployment.

- I was surprised. Because I was like, oh, I though it was his dad.

- And he wasn't the only one surprised. His 11-year-old sister was watching from the stands.

- I was just, like, stuck, like--

- Until she could have run to the field.

- I love him.

- Corpsman Juan Garcia hadn't seen his family since November when he deployed with the Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group. This deployment was tougher than others, because he had to quarantine before the deployment even began.

- We spent time preparing to be able to go out and carry out the defense of our nation, and not being able to hold them to tell them goodbye, that was hard.

- And while his wife, Angela, balanced parenting amid a pandemic alone, she was also trying to keep this special secret.

- It's been stressful. I'm just having anxiety trying to keep it from them, but wanting to tell them at the same time.

- Perhaps even more surprising than this reunion to her son, his mom's ability to keep it all quiet.

- I didn't even know she could keep secrets. I didn't know she could keep secrets, until now.