NBA 2K League player banished for tipping off gambler to inside information

Jason Owens
Gambling on video games is apparently a thing. (AP)
Betting on video games was shockingly exploited. (AP)

Gambling on video games is apparently a thing.

No, we’re not talking about dropping $20 on a game of “Madden” with your buddy.

With the rise of esports has come organized gambling. And with that seemingly obviously exploitable form of wagering has come, well — exploitation.

NBA 2K League banishes player

The NBA 2K League announced on Thursday that it has banned one of its prominent players for leaking information to a gambler.

Basil “24K Dropoff” Rose will no longer be allowed to compete in the league.

“After an investigation, the NBA 2K league determined that Rose violated the league’s rules against tipping on NBA 2K League games by providing inside information to an individual who Rose knew was involved in betting on NBA 2K League games,” a league statement reads. “The investigation did not find that Rose attempted to fix or otherwise improperly participate in any NBA 2K League game.”

No criminal charges announced

If all Rose ends up with is a ban from playing organized video games, he’s getting off light. If actual sports participants get caught in gambling schemes, federal agents come knocking.

For now, there’s no word on any criminal charges facing Rose.

But here’s guessing he and esports are firmly on the radar of agencies overseeing illegal gambling activity.

And with the NBA actively dipping its toes into gambling waters and overseeing the NBA 2K League, commissioner Adam Silver is surely paying attention as well.

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