NBA History: Carmelo Anthony

LaJethro Jenkins highlights the legendary scoring ability of Carmelo Anthony. Yahoo Sports will be streaming his 62-point game at Madison Square Garden in 2014 as part of our nightly broadcast of classic NBA games and iconic performances. Watch it on Yahoo Sports or the Yahoo Sports app tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENIKINS: Carmelo Anthony is one of the purest scorers the NBA has ever seen. The definition of a walking bucket. This was before Chris Brickley videos and the Hoodie Melo meme-ries, you know what I'm saying?

At his peak, he could give it to you in any way you wanted. He had the deep ball, mid-range, will cook you off the dribble and bully you in the paint. And it didn't matter who was in front of him. Melo was equal-opportunity with it. You, me, your mama, and your cousins can get it.


(SINGING) Me and you.

Yo, y'all get it.