NBA hopes arena voting is a slam dunk

With long waits making headlines during early voting across the country, professional sports venues have emerged as bright spots, repurposing huge spaces mostly devoid of fans into efficient and relatively safe polling places (Oct. 30)

Video Transcript

- Staples center has been added since last Saturday. With it, more and more voters coming through each day to cast their ballots.

- We've been pushing the narrative the whole time we've been in the bubble, and before the bubble. How important it is, I can't say it enough and urge you to get out and vote.

- You know my ancestors fought for this. It's big for us to just go out there and vote, and exercise our rights and our voices. But not only that, it's your moment and your vote counts.

- Well I think this year with everything that's gone on with the Lakers and Kobe, to the championship, and even to the Dodgers winning I felt that this is the place to come and vote

- I think it's an excellent thing to have happen across the nation. These big facilities they offer a lot of space to allow for social distancing and they're promoting civic engagement.

- I think it's an amazing idea, because you get more access. And that way you get more access and you have a better democracy.