NBA not planning to investigate Celtics’ Udoka scandal, per Rohrbach, but will the veil of secrecy hold?

Despite his strong suspicions that we have not heard the last about the suspension of Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka by the team for the 2022-23 season, Yahoo’s Ben Rohrbach reports that the NBA is not currently planning to conduct its own investigation into the events leading to that suspension. Describing the status quo surrounding the suspension as “untenable” in their paucity of detail, the Yahoo analyst writes the situation as a thing that “cannot be swept under the rug” in a recent article.

Citing the fallout of an “impossible situation” the team is in regarding keeping the privacy of both affected parties and innocent bystanders, Rohrbach suggests that “(t)his is on Udoka, and the inability of the Celtics to properly explain the matter publicly means that speculation, as awful as it is, will not go away.”

“It is naive to think more details will not leak,” he adds, suggesting that if media personalities like Matt Barnes have a more lurid understanding of the events in question, that those details are all but inevitable to arrive in the public sphere.

“It is difficult to imagine what could have warranted a year-long suspension and not Udoka’s firing,” suggests Rohrbach. “It is just as hard to take Grousbeck at his word that ‘this is well warranted and appropriate.'”

“He may well be genuine, but how is the public supposed to trust the Celtics when they cannot even tell us whether they believe Udoka’s behavior constituted sexual harassment or caused harm to other employees?”

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