NBA Star Paul Pierce Gets Lien On Home and Cannabis Business Over Unpaid Loan

Mike Walters

NBA star Paul Pierce is a budding mogul in the cannabis industry, but someone who let the ex-baller borrow money has now placed a lien on his business to get their money back.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Paul allegedly owes $162,273.59 to a creditor who let him borrow the money for his CBD company called, The Truth.

The lien also covers Pierce's marijuana cultivation operation near San Bernardino, CA.

But, he didn't stop there, other documents show the company actually filed a lien on the legendary Boston Celtics player's home in Los Angeles.

Liens are a way for creditors to try and get what they are owed, even if the court has to force an owner to sell their property to satisfy the debt.

Attorney Ronald Richards, who represents the party who gave Pierce the loan, says, “Mr. Pierce” aka The Truth has committed his 5th personal on this one by blatantly ignoring a court judgment which has now resulted in all of his assets being subject to a judgment lien, his credit impaired, and interest is accumulating at 10% a year. "

He continued, "Mr. Pierce preaches honesty and the "Truth" but yet he must believe his former celebrity status entitles him to harm lenders who trusted him in his riskier business practices when other lenders would not. My client and I are disappointed that this Inglewood native would be so carless with his obligations."

With a net worth reportedly north of $50 million, hopefully Pierce won't have trouble coming up with the green.

We reached out to reps for Pierce and have not yet heard back.