NBC Reporter Confronts Kari Lake Over Her Bogus Election Conspiracies

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NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard confronted Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake over her wild allegations that she’s already detected “some stealing” in the upcoming elections.

Of course, Lake refused to explain herself because Hillyard works for “MSDNC.”

Once an Obama-supporting local news anchor, Lake in recent years turned into a Trump acolyte and has become a GOP frontrunner primarily due to her embrace of the twice-impeached ex-president’s election lies. Days ahead of her Tuesday primary, Lake went so far as to preemptively claim “we’re already detecting some stealing going on” and that she’s “not gonna let them steal an election.”

Speaking with Lake on the eve of the election, Hillyard noted her claim that the upcoming vote was rife with fraud before asking her if she was concerned she was “undermining Americans’ faith” in electoral process.

“Kari Lake is going to help bring honest elections back to America,” the Trump-endorsed candidate responded, referring to herself in the third person.

“But you haven’t even laid out any fraud or irregularities,” Hillyard pushed back, prompting Lake to accuse the reporter of “destroying America.”

Hillyard, at this point, wondered exactly what fraud the MAGA politician had exposed in the current election. Lake, however, asserted that Hillyard was just trying to “make this about” him.

“This is about, you know, this is about Arizona voters and their faith in this election,” the correspondent insisted as the exchange grew heated.

“The last person on the planet Earth I would tell about what we discovered is you and MSDNC,” Lake groused in predictably Trumpian fashion.

“So you know about a crime and yet you’re not reporting it to the authorities?” Hillyard fired back.

“I’m not telling you about it,” Lake concluded, once again refusing to provide any evidence for her claims.

While Lake continues to parrot Trump’s conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen via widespread voter fraud, Republicans in her state have repeatedly knocked down such baseless allegations.

This week, in fact, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich debunked the claim by the Cyber Ninjas—the firm behind the Arizona vote “audit”—that 282 dead people voted in the 2020 election. (Brnovich’s office found only one voter who was deceased before the election.)

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, meanwhile, recently stated that Lake’s MAGA persona is “all an act” as she’s “been putting on a show for some time now” while “misleading voters.”

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