NCAA Tournament: BC's Earl Grant Discusses Saturday's Late Sweet 16 Matchups

Boston College head basketball coach Earl Grant will be joining WBZ and CBSN throughout the NCAA Tournament as a guest analyst. Here he previews Saturday's late games in the tournament.

Video Transcript

- Arkansas is taking on Oral Roberts. I had to tell my friends that Oral Roberts was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, because they obviously did not know where that school is from. Eric Musselman does his job extremely well when he brings a team in. Who do you like in that match-up between the Razorbacks and the Oral Roberts?

EARL GRANT: Yeah. I mean, Arkansas, I got to go with Arkansas, but Oral Roberts was very impressive.

- Yeah.

EARL GRANT: You know, in the last game they played, I mean, they really played well. They shared the ball. They had a good inside outside attack. But I think that Arkansas, their pace and their tempo-- that up tempo style of play will wear on Oral Roberts.

I don't know if Oral Roberts will be able to keep up with that scoring. You know, Arkansas score was an 80. So I'm going to give Arkansas, you know, the win in this one, but I think it'll be a good game.

- I feel when we talk about Syracuse, as they're going to take on Houston, we always-- they always seem to be on the fringe, but nobody sees the 2-3 zone when they get to the NCAA tournament and it gives teams fits. What is it about Jim Boeheim? And by the way, we're in Boston.

There's a lot of [? juice ?] fans here. Just a million of them. What is it about the 2-3 zone that gives people fits?

EARL GRANT: Well, I mean it's so much length. You know, up front, they've got Buddy Boeheim up front.

- Yeah.

EARL GRANT: He's 6'7", 6'8". On the back line they got 6'9", 6'9", 6'10". So, you know, it's hard to really penetrate. The best way to beat a zone is to penetrate the middle and get the ball around the basket, you know, and not do shoot threes all the time.

So-- but I think one of the things about that zone, because you're so long, you can't typically work that zone on the interior. Which now means you have to make perimeter shots. And so, if you can go out and make 12 to 15 threes in the game, yeah. You know, you probably can beat them. But I really think you got to be able to make shots to beat Syracuse right now. You've got to be able to make some threes and find a way to knock some shots down from the perimeter.

- Do you like Kelvin Sampson in Houston? Kelvin Sampson just seems to win wherever he goes.

EARL GRANT: Yeah. Yeah. You know, I've been following-- I've been following his career, you know, for about the last 20 years. When I got in coaching in 2000, I've been following him. You know, I know he started out in Montana Tech.

- Sure.

EARL GRANT: And worked his way up. You know, he's from-- I know he's from Lumberton, North Carolina. He's an Columbia Indian. And so I really been following him as a young coach, when I first got into the profession back in 2000. And so I admire, you know, how his teams play with so much toughness and so much grit. And so I'm pulling for Houston in this one, because I think they'll find a way to win this game.

- And finally, final question, a little off the grid. What is it about the burlap sack, when they put on the muscles or the crabs, that make it so much different than when they just sprinkle [INAUDIBLE]?

EARL GRANT: Now you said-- are you talking about the Charleston crabs? You talking about the--

- Yeah. The Charleston crab.

EARL GRANT: Well, I mean, the Charleston crabs, I mean, that's very authentic-- you know, crab coming right out of the Atlantic Ocean, which I imagine we've got the same thing here.

- Yes.

EARL GRANT: In the South, they believe there's so much Cajun and so much seasoning. They-- sometimes they over-season in it. And so it's so spicy and they put the garlic and all the butter and everything else. So, you know, when you're from the South, whether you be from Charleston or even in Louisiana, they like that creole, they like that very spicy stuff.

Up here, I'm looking forward to, you know, getting me a pot of crabs or some kind of seafood fest here at some point and see what it's like. I don't have anything to compare it to, because I hadn't had a chance to experience it yet. But I'll definitely to get to that at some point. Obviously, I'm about three weeks to a month away from that.

- OK. Thank you so much for joining us, Coach.