'NCIS Los Angeles' Star Renée Felice Smith Talks Nonprofit Work, New Children's Book

"NCIS Los Angeles" Star Renée Felice Smith talks to CBS2 News This Morning about her nonprofit work and her new children's book "Hugo and the Impossible Thing."

Video Transcript

DEMARCO MORGAN: Hi, from acting to charitable work, and even writing a children's book, actress Renee Felice Smith has been keeping busy during the pandemic.

LESLEY MARIN: Yeah, and I recently caught up with the NCIS actress. Congratulations on the show's 12th season NCIS LA. Let's talk more about your role on the show.

RENEE FELICE SMITH: Unbelievable. Well, Nel has really kind of morphed into this authority figure now. She's very much taking hold of the heady position. And it's really been so refreshing and enjoying to explore the character in this new way.

LESLEY MARIN: You do so much outside of Hollywood and acting. I know you help out with a nonprofit called Every Day Action that takes food from movie sets and takes it out to the streets. Can you tell us more about your work?

RENEE FELICE SMITH: We just saw so much waste, quite frankly, happening. For years, and years, and years, we would question and say, where is all this food going? After lunch, there usually are at least 20 meals left over.

So our assistant directors went forward, Hillary and Sam. And they did the legwork to make it possible. We are a charitable organization with the main goal of helping the homeless population here in Los Angeles.

LESLEY MARIN: You are now an author. Your first children's book coming out this week called "Hugo and the Impossible Thing." Congratulations on that. I will also say, I know Hugo is actual in real life your frenchie. And I'm a frenchie dog mom.


LESLEY MARIN: Tell us more about the book. What can we expect from little Hugo?

RENEE FELICE SMITH: He overcame his own impossible thing, a life-threatening illness that nearly everyone told us was unbeatable. So our book is really a yellow brick road journey for Hugo. He meets his forest friends along the way. And they end up helping him through teamwork and determination. They end up helping him make his way to the other side of the impossible thing.

LESLEY MARIN: And you can catch actress Renee Felice Smith on NCIS Los Angeles Sunday nights at 9:00 here on CBS 2.

DEMARCO MORGAN: Oh, good luck to her and Hugo. I've got to get that book.