NDSU QB Trey Lance: "I'm Trey Lance and not anybody else"

NDSU QB Trey Lance: "I'm Trey Lance and not anybody else"

Video Transcript

TREY LANCE: I think whatever situation I'm put into, I'm going to be-- you know, get as prepared as possible to be ready to go whenever the coaches see fit. But I'm just looking for opportunity anywhere. At this point, obviously, you know, I don't pick where I go. But I'd be super grateful to go anywhere.

I haven't been a whole lot of time with Jalen, haven't been around Jalen. But Deshaun and, like, Josh Dobbs and a few other guys, like having that opportunity has been-- it's been really, really cool as you can imagine, guys that are doing exactly what I want to do. Especially just being able to spend time with Deshaun and hang out has been really cool for me.

Yeah, whatever organization I go to, they know what they're going to get with me, and I'm going to be absolutely as ready as I possibly can, week one, to go. I'm a competitor, first and foremost, so I'm going to compete for that spot, regardless of where I'm at or what the situation is. So yeah, I feel confident that regardless of where I go, I'll be ready to go.

These teams-- yeah, a lot of teams have said a lot of different guys. But as you know, you know, everyone's an analyst on Twitter. You know, everyone can have their own comparison or whatever it is. So yeah, I think for me, I like to try to take a lot of pieces from a lot of guys, different guys' games. But at the end of the day, I'm Trey Lance, I'm not anybody else.

I think it started with my parents, going all the way back to growing up. My parents were always super realistic with me. They weren't super strict, but at the same time, my actions and my words had to match up. So I couldn't say I wanted to, you, know, have an opportunity to play professional football or even Division I football if I was just doing the same thing everyone else was doing.

So for me, I think that's where I started. And I do love football. So it really hasn't been a hard thing for me to kind of spend time and be that football junkie or spend as much time doing it as I possibly can.

Yeah, I think both of those are obviously great people to be compared to at the end of the day. Obviously, they both done what I want to do in the National Football League. And obviously, Deshaun's still doing what I want to do. So just the type of people they were, especially Deshaun how he carries himself off the field is definitely another person, like I said, a mentor for me. But I have plenty of those-- plenty of those, thankfully, just guys that are playing in the league right now that are willing to answer questions and talk to me.

For me it's just controlling what I can control and not worrying about what I can't. So I played every game I possibly could in college. Like I said earlier, it would have been great to-- obviously was anticipating to win on the National Championship in January and then have to make a decision then. But it didn't work out that way. You know, everyone got cheated out of something with COVID. So for me, my mindset towards it is just controlling what I can control and not worrying about the everything else.

Yeah, like I mentioned earlier, I think my mindset towards it is I'm going to come in to compete, regardless of where I'm at. And I don't think teams want me to come in any other way. That's my mindset towards it. I'm a competitor first, first and foremost. So that's my mindset towards it, just excited like I said, to get to, regardless of anywhere, just have an opportunity to play in the National Football League.

But yeah, I'm going to be as ready as I possibly can to go whenever my coaching staff needs me to go. I hope so-- I think-- like you said, I think that's one of my strengths is being able to move the pocket and get out of the pocket and scramble and make plays with my legs. I think today, I kind of wanted to throw that I can-- show that I can throw the ball a little bit more from the pocket and rhythm stuff and things like that, which I thought I did.

But yeah, absolutely, I think, obviously, that's one of my strengths, what I feel is one of my strengths. So I would hope that wherever I go, that would be some part of my game. And I mean, it will at some point. I think just football IQ overall and my preparation is what goes into it. I think those two things are definitely strengths of mine and what I spent a lot of time focusing on as well as, not only my dad, but just my coaching staff here at North Dakota State and the coaches and all the people I've worked with over the last six months after being done with school.

It's huge, like you said. I mean, you see Lamar Jackson, and not only Lamar Jackson, but the countless quarterbacks who can move across the league. I think, like you guys have mentioned, that's one of my strengths for sure. So I'm looking forward to having that opportunity and being able to show a little bit of what I got and what I can do.