Ne-Yo hopes to infuse diversity into the tech world

Grammy winner Ne-Yo not only sings and produces hit songs, but he hopes to produce new talent in the tech industry by focusing on young people of color. He is a board member for the Holberton School which emphasizes software engineering. (April 23)

Video Transcript


NE-YO: I feel like education is the answer to all of the problems in the world today. Like ignorance is the absolute enemy of any success, of any progress. It's always going to be ignorance and laziness. And you know, the Holberton School allows to where you don't have to be either.

The school is important to me because it allows access to this technology education, to be frankly honest, to people that it wasn't-- that it wasn't accessible to before. You know, minorities, people of color, women, people that are not represented as fully in the tech space as they perhaps should be or could or should be. I just always want to be a part of whatever is pushing us forward as a society. And in that, this technology is changing the world for literally everybody on it. Every, every second, it's changing for everybody. Everybody should have access to it.

SYLVAIN KALACHE: Like from just pre Ne-Yo and post Ne-Yo, the number of black African-American students at Holberton doubled. So he really had a huge impact on the student demographic, and he has been doing an amazing job. As Ne-Yo says, you know, technology is changing the world by the second. And entertainment is no different.

And I think what's happening now in our world is going to accelerate the digitalization of the entertainment industry. You know, I think we are going to be more-- see more and more online and digital shows and experiences, like the D-Nice, you know, DJ. Right? I think it's one of the things that I think you are going to see more. Hologram, or like virtual reality, like this. Right? Like I think you can watch a show on your VR headset. And I think it's going to be key for artists and the industry to adapt. And obviously, we are going to need software engineer to build all of this.